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Waste Disposal Strategy

Determine. Assess. Coordinate.

Both on-site storage capacities and available time are often scarce. We determine the different qualities of debris and soil as well as the different waste categories in advance. We arrange approval of intermediate storage areas, disposal and recycling paths and develop disposal concepts based on the investigation results and evaluation. A complete disposal concept ensures proper site planning and reduces costs.


  • Carrying out preliminary studies
  • Planning sampling
  • Gathering samples
  • Arranging laboratory analysis
  • Evaluate study results and categorize debris and soil
  • Coordinate and develop disposal concepts

Our Services

  • Categorization concepts
  • Sampling and categorization of soil material and building debris according to the Landfill Ordinance (Deponieverordnung (DepV)) and country specific regulations
  • Specialist knowledge and skills pursuant to LAGA (Länderarbeitsgemeinschaft Abfall) [Regional Waste Institute] PN 98 und DepV
  • Disposal concept including permit management

Your Benefits

  • Avoiding surprises and idle time during construction
  • Coordination with authorities and expert advice
  • Planning security and risk reduction (optimum progress on site)
  • Legal and cost security
  • High quality and reliable databases
  • Years of experience and local knowledge in successful and sustainable landscape design
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from one provider

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