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Environmental Compatibility

Assess. Organise. Report.

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) is the central eco-political instrument for environmental protection. Environmentally relevant projects are assessed for environmental impacts. As part of the regulatory approval process, the environmental impact assessment aids decision making on the permissibility of projects. It is the first hurdle for project implementation. With our detailed presentation of potential project-related environmental effects, the concept of measures and a balanced discussion of the options, we prevent failure of the project due to the EIA.


  • Examining the legal requirements of environmental impact assessments
  • Determining the investigation program; that is, the investigation space and depths
  • Writing of reports to statutory requirements
  • Involvement of the public and government authorities

Our Services

  • Screening: examining the legal requirement of environmental impact assessments
  • Scoping: determining investigation programs
  • Recording and evaluating relevant protective goods, such as human beings, flora, fauna and habitats, soil, water, climate and air, landscape and recreation, cultural and material goods
  • Determining possible effects of the projects, conflict analysis with respect to protective goods
  • Conceptualisation of measures to avoid, reduce and offset adverse effects on protective goods
  • Discussion of options and identification of sustainable solutions
  • Project presentation and moderation

Your Benefits

  • Legal security
  • Environmentally sustainable operations
  • Sustainability of resources
  • Requirements for the project implementation
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