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Site Assessment

Testing. Analysing. Reporting.

Numerous factors and individual assessment criteria affect the choice of location. We consider the location situation in conjunction with the customer’s specific requirements. In accordance with the company’s objectives we will take on individual location requirements and adapt them to the conditions of the alternative sites. We will analyse all the relevant factors, evaluate the basics and check alternatives.


  • Evaluation and analysis of a property for potential relocation of an investor according to specific environmental criteria such as contamination, geotechnics, hydrogeology, internal water use, infrastructure, neighbourhood situation and natural risks
  • Identification, evaluation and quantification of investment risks
  • Conception and evaluation of a site-specific environment analysis

Our Services

  • Analysis based on predefined and standardised inspection catalogues and criteria
  • Establishment of customer specific performance profiles and inspection catalogues
  • Comparative evaluation of alternative sites and establishing strength and weakness profiles
  • Formulation of proposals for solving identified risks
  • Standards and requirements provision for quality assurance of the designated site
  • International presence and country specific experience, and international cooperation through the Imogen network

Your Benefits

  • Objective decision-making criteria for your site choice
  • Knowledge of potential risks before concluding the contract
  • Location information and technical basis for the drafting of contracts
  • Scheduling, planning and cost security
  • Expert assistance
  • Years of experience and local knowledge
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from a single provider

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