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Groundwater Management

Water is life.

Planning. Resources. Modelling.

Clean groundwater and spring water is the most precious foundation of life. Our goal is to appreciate and protect it. We therefore explore aquifers, examine water quality and rejuvenate in case of damage. We have been dealing with groundwater projects for many years. We plan construction projects in groundwater particularly carefully – to protect the groundwater and prevent damage to subsurface structures.

Hydrogeology and Groundwater Protection

Explore. Assess. Evaluate.

We can only protect what we know: geo-hydraulic measurements and investigations into groundwater conditions are important bases of hydro-geological exploration. With our test vehicles, we can perform pumping tests and all common drill-hole testing to a depth of 400 metres. We digitally collect all measurement parameters. We can evaluate the data on the spot. We gather information about aquifer structures to the best technical standards: diagnostic plots and transient-response curve procedures provide reliable aquifer guidelines, so that we can mathematically calculate the groundwater flow and make forecasts for the development of groundwater quality. We examine the groundwater quality with ingress pumping tests, multilevel sampling and other methods. In this way, cases of groundwater damage can be assessed and corrected.


  • Exploring groundwater resources
  • Protecting groundwater quality
  • Remediating groundwater damage
  • Preserving hydro-geological evidence
  • Building subsurface structures in groundwater

Our Services

  • Hydro-geological investigations and reports
  • Pumping tests and tests in wells and groundwater measurement wells
  • Geohydraulic borehole tests down to 400 meters of depth
  • Aquifer diagnosis and determining of parameters
  • Water immission pumping tests and multilevel sampling
  • Determining of the concentration and mass of pollutants
  • Calculation of well drainage areas
  • Determining of the impact of interventions in the water, for example, drawdown cones
  • Calculation of groundwater flow and transport processes

Your Benefits

  • Formulation of reliable hydraulic guidelines by using modern instruments and transient-response procedures
  • Verified declarations from highly sensitive techniques
  • Availability of a well networked interdisciplinary team of experienced experts
  • Also for large projects, our team of hydrogeologists and measurement technicians guarantee a timely project

Groundwater Extraction

Analyse. Develop. Secure.

Non-potable water, drinking water, mineral water and curative water – water extraction differs according to your requirements. Drinking water, mineral water and curative water must conform to much higher quality standards than non-potable water. With site surveys, planning and monitoring of the construction of wells and pipelines we provide a flawless delivery of quality to the consumer. With innovative geo-hydraulics, groundwater modelling and resource management methods, we create the conditions for legal protection and long-term usability of groundwater resources.


  • Groundwater exploration and extraction
  • Planning and supervision of the construction and rehabilitation of wells, manholes, pipelines and elevated tanks
  • Ensuring groundwater protection
  • Ensuring legal protection for the groundwater extraction
  • Utilising information systems and carrying out of monitoring

Our Services

  • Geological, hydrogeological and hydro-chemical site analysis
  • Due diligence compliance
  • Drafting of development reports
  • Drafting of remediation reports
  • Construction planning, site management and local construction supervision
  • Applications ensuring compliance with water resources acts, provincial water laws, mineral and bottled water regulations, environmental sustainability, medicinal products acts, and federal mining acts
  • Nature conservation area reports
  • Surveying
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • GIS-based groundwater management and annual reports

Your Benefits

  • Highly experienced geologists, hydrogeologists and engineers domestically and abroad
  • Verified statements arising from execution of precise procedures
  • Well-networked interdisciplinary team of experienced experts

Groundwater Modelling

Think. Calculate. Forecast.

Groundwater models mathematically describe groundwater flow and transport processes. They build a simple or complex picture of the aquifer and make it possible to address many questions and tasks using computer projections. We create precise problem analysis and solutions for your site. And at a highly professional level.


  • Groundwater extraction
  • Surveying groundwater protected areas
  • Predicting groundwater quality
  • Remediating contaminated groundwater
  • Calculation of groundwater drawdown
  • Planning post-mining use applications

Our Services

  • The design and application of groundwater flow and transport models, such as: finite differences and finite elements; 2D, 3D; stationary and transient; conservative and reactive mass transport; heat transfer
  • GIS-based data analysis and presentation
  • Groundwater and mineral water management concepts
  • Providing forecasts for the spread of pollutant plumes
  • Providing forecasts of contamination plume-source relationships
  • Quantification of microbial pollutant breakdown processes in groundwater (MNA/ENA)
  • Studies of options for hydraulic protection and remediation measures
  • Planning of construction water containment and assessment of impacts
  • Designing of drainage measures in open-cut mining
  • Making rebound calculations for the flooding of remaining mine shafts
  • Forecasting of the levels of groundwater tables and the waterlogging of soils and areas

Your Benefits

  • Provision of individual solutions
  • Verification of statements using exact procedures
  • Availability of a well-networked team of experienced hydro-geologists and modellers
  • Adherence to schedules

Site Dewatering Measures

Survey. Plan. Drain.

Improper procedures in dealing with groundwater causes 80 % of all building damage. Poor judgement leads to damage and massively increased cost. Our experienced hydrogeologists and civil engineers help you maintain a dry building site. Our tools range from simple formulas to complex groundwater models. We examine the effects of large-scale drawdown. In so doing, we set benchmarks: through co-operation on the issue of construction water containment for highly acknowledged scientific publications (such as the “Grundbautaschenbuch”) and the taskforce on DIN 18305 “Water Containment Works”.


  • Planning and implementing construction projects in groundwater
  • Surveying building damage from groundwater

Our Services

  • Hydro-geological reporting and construction site assessment
  • Determining of permeability and design-basis water levels
  • Dimensioning of construction water containment
  • Optimisation of well placement and pumping rates in closed water containments
  • Testing and evaluating impacts and risks of groundwater lowering and drawdown cones
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Tenders for drainage work
  • Groundwater monitoring and preservation of hydrogeological evidence

Your Benefits

  • All service phases from a single source
  • Secure planning, precise investigation and calculation methods
  • High dependability and adherence to delivery dates
  • Well-networked team of experienced hydro-geologists and civil engineers

Water Resource Management

Analyse. Check. Certify.

Water is our most important resource. With us, you can identify and eliminate risks in your water supply. We customize methods and processes to suit your needs. Through efficient resource management you maximise your savings potential. The sustainable management of water resources is certifiable. We ensure the optimal use of resources.


  • Implementing integrated water management
  • Analysis of risks for water supply
  • Combining environmental and hydro-geological due diligence assessments
  • Complying with the European Water Stewardship (EWS) Standard

Our Services

  • Performing site inspections, site analysis and assessment
  • Compilation of specific questionnaires (individually for each customer)
  • Evaluating risks for a qualitatively and quantitatively sustainable water supply
  • Gathering data on the water system and consumption
  • Reviewing of technical equipment for the pumping, transport and storage of groundwater
  • Testing of potential savings, also with respect to energy and recycling options
  • Development of a water management system
  • Costing of estimates for technical upgrades
  • Researching of the legal framework and potential requirements
  • Reviewing of the company for compliance with the EWS standard
  • EWS training for employees with identification of improvement opportunities

Your Benefits

  • Optimal water usage
  • Technically appraised facilities
  • Identification of potential savings
  • Secure planning basis for the future use of water, with cost estimates for investments
  • Identification of investment risks and development potentials
  • Combining of environmental and hydro-geological due diligence assessments
  • EWS certification for sustainable water management with marketing effects
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