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Geothermal Energy

Explore. Implement. Secure.

The heat content and heat storage capacity of the subsoil can be used with technical equipment for the production of energy. The equipment ranges from near-surface structure segments to boreholes reaching several thousand metres in depth. The technology harbours risks. Improper installation of geothermal probes, for example, can cause damage. Our competence and experience ensures risk assessment, risk reduction, quality assurance of the technical implementation and the remediation of damaged equipment. We help you to choose correctly.


  • Performing feasibility studies with geological site search and examination of the legal requirements
  • Checking cost-effectiveness with a presentation comparing advantages over conventional systems
  • Performing long-distance heating and pipeline network calculations
  • Exploring damage
  • Planning rejuvenation
  • Repairing damage

Our Services

  • Site assessment and advice on the potential usability of near-surface or deep geothermal energy and checking of approval/legal conditions
  • Detailed exploration, combined with building site and foundation assessments to test the use of concrete parts in contact with the earth as heat exchangers, for example
  • Hydro-geological assessments of the suitability of the “groundwater” as a heat source
  • Resource and risk assessment
  • Planning and design of the geothermal energy plant
  • Approval procedures with geological reports
  • System planning and tendering
  • Expert quality assurance in the construction of geothermal probes, for example, according to the LQS EWS Baden-Württemberg
  • Construction site management and documentation
  • Investigation and repairing of damage through EWS: this means geological and hydro-geological detailed exploration of the structure of groundwater levels, to a potential hydraulic short-circuiting of different groundwater levels
  • Repairing planning considering hydro-geological, technical and economic aspects
  • Thermal response testing to determine the thermal conductivity of the substrate

Your Benefits

  • Cost minimisation and protection against rising energy costs
  • Long-term safe, eco-friendly energy supply with reduced CO2 emissions
  • Increase in the value of real estate
  • Planning security based on secure decisions and calculations
  • Professional and knowledgeable construction supervision by experienced geologists and hydrogeologists
  • Cost savings through the avoidance of damage events
  • Availability of experienced hydro-geologists with overview even of complex interactions, such as neighbouring plants or existing contaminated sites
  • Efficient repair of damage through our interdisciplinary network of experts

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