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Fermentation Power Plants

Plan. Utilise. Construct.

Biogas, in addition to the renewable energy sources solar and wind, is an important energy source. We use many raw materials: digester gas from sewage treatment plants, organic waste and renewable raw materials. Regionally available resources and energetically recyclable waste materials can be produced in an environmentally friendly way. What is special about biogas? It is natural energy obtained from organic material and delivers CO2-neutral heating, cooling, electricity and gas.


  • Utilising renewable raw materials
  • Implementation of receipt of mobile silos, receipt of substrate, substrate storage, fermenters, separators, fermentation residue separation, fermentation residue drying, fermentation residue storage and a central repository
  • Planning and constructing a bio-gas processing plant for injection into the natural gas grid
  • Planning and building a co-generation unit for biogas utilisation

Our Services

  • Project development services
  • Reporting
  • Planning
  • Tendering
  • Site management
  • Local construction supervision
  • Documentation preparation
  • Commissioning
  • Operations optimisation

Your Benefits

  • Provider independent and environmentally friendly energy generation
  • Sensible use of wastewater and waste content
  • Protection against rising energy costs
  • Availability of expert support
  • Many years of experience and local knowledge
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from a single source

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