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Soils Reports

Explore. Plan. Recommend.

The characteristics of soil and groundwater and their suitability for a building site are important criteria when buying real estate. Our experts investigate the conditions. We will give you recommendations for the right foundations. A good investment to prevent impairments and delays in construction.


  • Exploration of the subsoil and groundwater
  • Determining soil characteristics
  • Determining the chemistry of the groundwater
  • Establishing relevant soil parameters
  • Information on improving the soil bearing capacity

Our Services

  • Field surveys with our own team and equipment
  • Mechanical soil tests in our own laboratory
  • Pumping tests
  • Conducting and evaluating water congestion
  • Calculating the seepage performance of soil
  • Determining the soil characteristics
  • Derivation of foundation options
  • Expert construction supervision
  • Performing earth statical analysis and design
  • Performing stability investigations

Your Benefits

  • An experienced team of engineers and geoscientists at your disposal
  • In the event of contaminants, combining contamination assessments is possible
  • Application of regional knowledge

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