For the Environment. For the People.
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Land Recycling

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For the Environment. For the People.

75 years of HPC – that’s 75 years of outstanding and conscientious work in land recycling, environmental consulting and infrastructure planning. Our continued existence and success are the result of joint efforts, great goals and our passion for people and the environment.

We want to celebrate this together in 2023 – as a thank you and as a step towards a sustainable future.

HPC is one of the leading engineering enterprises in the environmental sector in Europe. We are strongly committed to projects in the fields of land recycling, environmental consulting and infrastructure planning.

Our services and engineering projects have a considerable positive impact on our environment and help stimulate entire regions. A mission setting such ambitious goals requires responsibility: Towards our customers and our society. This attitude has guided our endeavors since 1948.

HPC im Einsatz

Water treatment 2030: A look into the future

Our wastewater is supposed to be clean. But hardly anyone is interested in what exactly happens; the main thing is that the result is right. And that’s what HPC AG cares about – envisioning a future that is not so far away.

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Abwasser-basierte Epidemiologie: Das Frühwarnsystem
01.03.2023 - 03.05.2023

Unsere Webinarreihe geht weiter – auch in 2023 finden an mehreren Terminen die von HPC und vermicon organisierten kostenlosen Webinare zum Thema Abwasser-basierte Epidemiologie: Das Frühwarnsystem statt.

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