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Landscape Design

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Landscape planning is an ecological and creative subject between the conflicting priorities of spatial planning, ecology, conservation and various other areas. It serves proactively as a key planning instrument of nature protection and landscape conservation. Areal- and profile-oriented landscape planning supports and steers economic development and helps to shape it in an ecologically sustainable manner. With our landscape planning, we have set ourselves the goal of maintaining the productivity of eco-systems as the basis of life for people.


  • Creating urban land-use landscape plans as specialist areal plans for municipal land-use planning in our role as preliminary construction management planners
  • Creation of urban land-use open-space plans for development planning in our role as committed construction management planners
  • Creating maintenance and development plans for protected areas and protected objects
  • Creation of landscape maintenance plans for projects in outside areas

Our Services

  • Recording and evaluating relevant protective goods, such as human beings, flora, fauna and habitats, soil, water, climate and air, landscape and recreation, cultural and material goods
  • Compiling basic data as decision support for planning and projects for a sustainable process
  • Pointing out the existing and desirable environmental conditions
  • Preparing models and examples for the development
  • Identification of measures for the prevention, mitigation and compensation of adverse effects
  • Applying nature-protection intervention regulations and accounting for intervention and compensation

Your Benefits

  • Legal security
  • Description of environmental objectives
  • Damage prevention through consideration of flood protection, climate change and health protection, such as the preservation of recreation areas and open spaces as well as the protection of biodiversity
  • Directing land use into less sensitive areas
  • Individual solutions for projects
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