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Geotechnical Engineering

Build on Solid Ground.

Challenges. Subsoil. Living Space.

Land, soil, earth and rock are our living space, and at the same time, the foundation of our construction projects. They are only safe as building sites when they are explored and evaluated. We offer you complete solutions from a single source, including complex challenges. Our experience and our perseverance ensure the success of your construction project.

Soils Reports

Explore. Plan. Recommend.

The characteristics of soil and groundwater and their suitability for a building site are important criteria when buying real estate. Our experts investigate the conditions. We will give you recommendations for the right foundations. A good investment to prevent impairments and delays in construction.


  • Exploration of the subsoil and groundwater
  • Determining soil characteristics
  • Determining the chemistry of the groundwater
  • Establishing relevant soil parameters
  • Information on improving the soil bearing capacity

Our Services

  • Field surveys with our own team and equipment
  • Mechanical soil tests in our own laboratory
  • Pumping tests
  • Conducting and evaluating water congestion
  • Calculating the seepage performance of soil
  • Determining the soil characteristics
  • Derivation of foundation options
  • Expert construction supervision
  • Performing earth statical analysis and design
  • Performing stability investigations

Your Benefits

  • An experienced team of engineers and geoscientists at your disposal
  • In the event of contaminants, combining contamination assessments is possible
  • Application of regional knowledge

Foundation Consultation

Consult. Optimise. Plan.

Each building leaves traces in the ground. Detailed knowledge of local conditions guarantees the economic viability of a structure and protects the surrounding areas. Our foundation consultation offers alternatives for an economic structural foundation and gives recommendations for the construction processes. We will get you on a safe and economical base.


  • Advising builders, architects and engineers
  • Developing alternatives for optimal foundations
  • Undertaking preplanning services for specialist foundation engineering (e.g., piled foundations, construction pit shoring)

Our Services

  • Planning optimisation
  • Foundation concepts
  • Comparison of foundation concepts
  • Calculating ground static design

Your Benefits

  • A regional presence
  • Networking with other planning groups, for example, drainage planning and contaminated sites
  • Over 60 years’ experience
  • Combined with approval procedures, such as water rights, construction law, urban and landscape planning

Structural Design in Special Civil Engineering

Coordinate. Compare. Advice.

Building ground is capital. Sustainable and economic use pays off. Especially in inner cities, a new building must fit in with existing structures. Shoring is often needed in a building pit. Surrounding buildings, roads, pipes and sewers need to be taken into account. We offer you one-stop planning and security credentials. Through to the execution stage.


  • Advising builders
  • Conceptualisation and planning of special civil engineering measures
  • Coordination of design with specialised planners and authorities
  • Making tender arrangements

Our Services

  • Geo-technical engineering
  • Producing concepts and plans for pit shoring and lining
  • Comparison of options and calculations of economic feasibility
  • Co-operation with planning teams of architects and specialised planners
  • Co-ordination with authorities
  • Production of specifications for tenders
  • Comparison of tenderers
  • Construction supervision and monitoring

Your Benefits

  • Planning, tendering and construction supervision from a single source
  • Interdisciplinary team according to your needs, with experts for dismantling and demolition, geo-hydraulic engineers, experts in contaminated sites and preservation of building evidence
  • Many years of experience and a well-coordinated team ensure quality and adherence to timelines for your building project
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