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Hydrogeology and Groundwater Protection

Explore. Assess. Evaluate.

We can only protect what we know: geo-hydraulic measurements and investigations into groundwater conditions are important bases of hydro-geological exploration. With our test vehicles, we can perform pumping tests and all common drill-hole testing to a depth of 400 metres. We digitally collect all measurement parameters. We can evaluate the data on the spot. We gather information about aquifer structures to the best technical standards: diagnostic plots and transient-response curve procedures provide reliable aquifer guidelines, so that we can mathematically calculate the groundwater flow and make forecasts for the development of groundwater quality. We examine the groundwater quality with ingress pumping tests, multilevel sampling and other methods. In this way, cases of groundwater damage can be assessed and corrected.


  • Exploring groundwater resources
  • Protecting groundwater quality
  • Remediating groundwater damage
  • Preserving hydro-geological evidence
  • Building subsurface structures in groundwater

Our Services

  • Hydro-geological investigations and reports
  • Pumping tests and tests in wells and groundwater measurement wells
  • Geohydraulic borehole tests down to 400 meters of depth
  • Aquifer diagnosis and determining of parameters
  • Water immission pumping tests and multilevel sampling
  • Determining of the concentration and mass of pollutants
  • Calculation of well drainage areas
  • Determining of the impact of interventions in the water, for example, drawdown cones
  • Calculation of groundwater flow and transport processes

Your Benefits

  • Formulation of reliable hydraulic guidelines by using modern instruments and transient-response procedures
  • Verified declarations from highly sensitive techniques
  • Availability of a well networked interdisciplinary team of experienced experts
  • Also for large projects, our team of hydrogeologists and measurement technicians guarantee a timely project

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