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If the risk assessment reveals a need for redevelopment, we will find the best comparative redevelopment solution (retention or de-contamination). Initially we will develop specific and proportionate redevelopment targets, before we generate options for redevelopment solutions and after evaluating the cost effectiveness criteria. We will prepare the design plans and permit applications. We will assist you in making the right decisions. We will oversee and manage the redevelopment. We will take responsibility.


  • Define individual redevelopment targets
  • Preparation of redevelopment solutions
  • Development of options and performing feasibility studies
  • Estimation of costs
  • Redevelopment planning
  • Tendering for technical services
  • Monitoring, managing and supervising the redevelopment
  • Implementation of redevelopment measures
  • Reviewing and improvement of ongoing redevelopment measures

Our Services

  • Variant studies
  • Cost effectiveness assessments
  • Design and approval planning
  • Execution and procurement planning (tendering)
  • Preliminary tests in laboratory and field
  • General planning and site management for classic and innovative redevelopment procedures.
  • HPC’s own redevelopment technology for groundwater – and soil gas remediation
  • ENA/MNA- concepts for natural attenuation and retention procedures
  • Integral redevelopment of related stress areas
  • H&S plans und H&S coordination (in accordance with the former BGR (Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe) [Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources]128 and current DGUV (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung) [German statutory accident insurance]101-004)
  • Expert services (in accordance with § 18 BBodSchG as well as publicly appointed and sworn in experts)
  • Supervising redevelopment, site management
  • Monitoring, quality control
  • Stakeholder Management if desired

Your Benefits

  • Professional execution of building and decontamination methods
  • Expert assistance
  • Planning security and risk minimisation
  • Legal and cost security
  • High quality and reliable basis for planning
  • Years of experience and local knowledge
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from one provider

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