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Contaminated Building Substance Investigation

Testing. Evaluating. Reporting.

Hazardous building waste resulting from demolition or disasters is a hazard and an unacceptable risk for users and third parties. They drive up costs and delay deadlines. There is a need for remediation here. We will perform an interdisciplinary investigation of the design requirements preceding demolition. Structural connections with neighbouring buildings, shared walls, the need to secure neighbouring buildings by underpinning. We will support you in recognising and eliminating dangers from the outset.


  • Create building material – and building waste registers to prepare performance profiles
  • Calculate masses and quantities for use in task specifications
  • Evaluate stress situations and, separation and remediation requirements
  • Determine constructive interfaces as the basis for planning requirements for the dismantling and demolition

Our Services

  • Obtaining and evaluating building plans
  • Building inspection
  • Record and document hazardous building substances by location, quantity and emission potential
  • Sampling of building materials
  • Analysis and evaluation of materials
  • Classify masses and quantities
  • Specification of requirements from design specifics
  • Waste quality catalogue and waste management preparation

Your Benefits

  • Hazard prevention for users and third parties
  • Acceptance of exposure to the user
  • Speedy demolition and renovation works without delays or accidents
  • Schedule, planning and cost security
  • Expert assistance
  • Years of experience and local knowledge
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from one provider
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