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Hydraulic Engineering

Restore. Design. Enhance.

Water is the basis of our life. Rivers and inland water bodies are the natural habitat for flora and fauna. At the same time, they are traffic and transport routes and popular areas for leisure and recreation. Rivers and inland water bodies also contain dangers. Floods can have devastating effects. We preserve natural resources and shape them so they can be used safely.


  • Creating civil engineering structures
  • Measuring in and around water bodies
  • Designing, planning and implementation
  • Planning and implementing water-ecology measures
  • Design of structural improvements
  • Rejuvenation of discharge points

Our Services

  • Assessment, design and planting of water bodies
  • Optimisation through channel development
  • Longitudinal and transverse profiling
  • Bed structures, flow variety, bank structures, areas surrounding water bodies

Your Benefits

  • Ecological upgrading
  • Improved erosion control
  • Optimisation of the retention of water as a flood-prevention measure
  • Improved recreational appeal
  • Expert support
  • Planning security and risk mitigation
  • Legal and cost security
  • High-quality and secure planning bases
  • Many years of experience and current knowledge
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from a single source

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