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Groundwater Modelling

Think. Calculate. Forecast.

Groundwater models mathematically describe groundwater flow and transport processes. They build a simple or complex picture of the aquifer and make it possible to address many questions and tasks using computer projections. We create precise problem analysis and solutions for your site. And at a highly professional level.


  • Groundwater extraction
  • Surveying groundwater protected areas
  • Predicting groundwater quality
  • Remediating contaminated groundwater
  • Calculation of groundwater drawdown
  • Planning post-mining use applications

Our Services

  • The design and application of groundwater flow and transport models, such as: finite differences and finite elements; 2D, 3D; stationary and transient; conservative and reactive mass transport; heat transfer
  • GIS-based data analysis and presentation
  • Groundwater and mineral water management concepts
  • Providing forecasts for the spread of pollutant plumes
  • Providing forecasts of contamination plume-source relationships
  • Quantification of microbial pollutant breakdown processes in groundwater (MNA/ENA)
  • Studies of options for hydraulic protection and remediation measures
  • Planning of construction water containment and assessment of impacts
  • Designing of drainage measures in open-cut mining
  • Making rebound calculations for the flooding of remaining mine shafts
  • Forecasting of the levels of groundwater tables and the waterlogging of soils and areas

Your Benefits

  • Provision of individual solutions
  • Verification of statements using exact procedures
  • Availability of a well-networked team of experienced hydro-geologists and modellers
  • Adherence to schedules
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