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General Contractor

Planning. Utilising. Disposing.

You will receive planning as well as environmentally sound and selective dismantling and demolition measures while complying to all workplace safety measures with the optimal disposal methods and disposal services from one provider. As a general contractor, interface problems are foreign to us, as they cause delays. We will take on the responsibility for the whole dismantling project, the meeting of deadlines and providing cost security.


  • Dismantling and demolishing buildings and installations
  • Disposing of contaminated building materials pursuant to economic and waste disposal regulations
  • Utilisation of recyclable building materials
  • Handing over the site in the previously agreed to condition, including the removal of contaminated

Our Services

  • Documenting the building materials according to quantity and waste quality
  • Dismantling, demolition and waste disposal concepts
  • Obtain all regulatory approvals
  • Planning, carrying out, managing and supervising the dismantling and demolition works with waste disposal
  • Overseeing the compliance of all emissions and occupational health and safety measures

Your Benefits

  • Speedy implementation of the demolition works through central coordination
  • Guaranteed fixed price
  • Scheduling, planning and cost security
  • Expert assistance
  • Years of experience and local knowledge
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from one provider
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