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Water Resource Management

Analyse. Check. Certify.

Water is our most important resource. With us, you can identify and eliminate risks in your water supply. We customize methods and processes to suit your needs. Through efficient resource management you maximise your savings potential. The sustainable management of water resources is certifiable. We ensure the optimal use of resources.


  • Implementing integrated water management
  • Analysis of risks for water supply
  • Combining environmental and hydro-geological due diligence assessments
  • Complying with the European Water Stewardship (EWS) Standard

Our Services

  • Performing site inspections, site analysis and assessment
  • Compilation of specific questionnaires (individually for each customer)
  • Evaluating risks for a qualitatively and quantitatively sustainable water supply
  • Gathering data on the water system and consumption
  • Reviewing of technical equipment for the pumping, transport and storage of groundwater
  • Testing of potential savings, also with respect to energy and recycling options
  • Development of a water management system
  • Costing of estimates for technical upgrades
  • Researching of the legal framework and potential requirements
  • Reviewing of the company for compliance with the EWS standard
  • EWS training for employees with identification of improvement opportunities

Your Benefits

  • Optimal water usage
  • Technically appraised facilities
  • Identification of potential savings
  • Secure planning basis for the future use of water, with cost estimates for investments
  • Identification of investment risks and development potentials
  • Combining of environmental and hydro-geological due diligence assessments
  • EWS certification for sustainable water management with marketing effects
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