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Land Surveying

Collect. Process. Act.

Measure first, then act. Precise knowledge of location-related data is essential for nearly every construction project and many other projects besides. We collect this data for you with the most advantageous procedure in each case, and if you so require, maintain them in a geographic information system (GIS). Our repertoire includes GPS measurements, surveying with tachometers and accurate levels, as well as laser scanner measurements. We can offer you the use of state -of –the- art technology for an efficient, time- and- cost saving implementation in your project.


  • Depicting all objects of industrial sites in their full complexity
  • Creation of the fundamentals for sewer cadastres and other cadastres
  • Monitoring of settlements
  • Preparation of planning criteria

Our Services

  • Provision of digital all-terrain models
  • Volume determining
  • Mass calculations
  • Topographical mapping
  • Route, axial and profile surveying
  • Alignment stage surveying
  • Boundary marking
  • Building surveying
  • Engineering surveying
  • Collection of data for geographic information systems, network information systems and facility management
  • Large-scale recordings of infrastructure
  • Topographic surveying and maps in all common formats, such as DXF, DGN, DWG
  • Network measurement and compression

Your Benefits

  • Modern measurement methods
  • Direct collaboration with planners, geologists, and environmental professionals
  • Planning and data from a single source
  • Data analysis with current software systems and geographic information systems

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