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Structural Design in Special Civil Engineering

Coordinate. Compare. Advice.

Building ground is capital. Sustainable and economic use pays off. Especially in inner cities, a new building must fit in with existing structures. Shoring is often needed in a building pit. Surrounding buildings, roads, pipes and sewers need to be taken into account. We offer you one-stop planning and security credentials. Through to the execution stage.


  • Advising builders
  • Conceptualisation and planning of special civil engineering measures
  • Coordination of design with specialised planners and authorities
  • Making tender arrangements

Our Services

  • Geo-technical engineering
  • Producing concepts and plans for pit shoring and lining
  • Comparison of options and calculations of economic feasibility
  • Co-operation with planning teams of architects and specialised planners
  • Co-ordination with authorities
  • Production of specifications for tenders
  • Comparison of tenderers
  • Construction supervision and monitoring

Your Benefits

  • Planning, tendering and construction supervision from a single source
  • Interdisciplinary team according to your needs, with experts for dismantling and demolition, geo-hydraulic engineers, experts in contaminated sites and preservation of building evidence
  • Many years of experience and a well-coordinated team ensure quality and adherence to timelines for your building project

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