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During the last 100 years social prosperity has been growing at the expense of the environment, especially soil and groundwater. Contaminants are stored in former production sites, in landfills and in artificially filled sites. These contaminants pollute groundwater, surface water, crops and endanger human health. In the course of construction measures, these contaminants lead to higher costs and need to be disposed of. Authorities, owners and buyers require reliable surveys. This is the only way to safely assess potential threats, risks attached to new use and investment restrictions.


  • Recognizing contaminated land and pollutants
  • Designing investigation concepts
  • Tendering for technical services
  • Performing drilling and sampling
  • Performing laboratory testing
  • Evaluation of natural degradation processes
  • Evaluation of investigation results

Our Services

  • Proposals and concepts
  • Tender documentation
  • Step by step surveys of contaminated waste sites according to the BBodSchG and BbodSchV (Bundes-Bodenschutzgesetz und Bundes-Bodenschutz- und Altlastenverordnung) [GermanFederal Soil Protection Act and Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance] and national regulations: historical surveys, historical investigations, preliminary investigations, detailed investigations, re-development investigations (redevelopment plans see below)
  • Sampling of water, soil and solid substances, soil gas and landfill gas, plants
  • Stratified soil gas and landfill gas measurements
  • Groundwater sampling, for example (Emissions-) pumping tests, direct-push procedure, multilevel tests, low-flow sampling
  • Water; – ecological and eco-toxicological investigations
  • Integral investigation of adjacent or contiguous stress areas, especially integral groundwater exploration
  • Innovative and forensic investigations (for example isotope analysis, Phytoscreening, Dendron- forensics)
  • ENA/MNA-concepts for natural attenuation and retention processes with reactive transport modelling
  • Expert services (in accordance with to § 18 BBodSchG as well as publicly appointed and sworn in experts)
  • Surveys and reports

Your Benefits

  • Expert assistance
  • Design security and risk minimisation
  • Legal and cost security
  • High quality and verified database
  • Years of experience and local knowledge
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from one single provider

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