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Supply and Waste Engineering

Utilize Resources.

Heat. Water. Electricity.

In addition to technical know-how, engineers in supply and disposal engineering need the ability to analyse complex contexts and to develop individual solutions. Renewable energy sources are also included in supply and disposal engineering. Examples are geothermal energy and the use of heat from ground, biogas plants and the use of renewable raw materials, as well as district heating networking for heat distribution. We will advise you in all areas.

Water Supply

Plan. Expand. Distribute.

Clean drinking water ensures the sustainable development of whole regions. Sources of water include river water, groundwater and sea water. The quality of the raw water determines the technical solution for its processing. We ensure that the processed water will be distributed and temporarily stored in transport networks. So the water in the distribution system reaches the consumer.


  • Designing and constructing extraction structures
  • Shoring up wells
  • Designing and constructing treatment facilities
  • Planning and building distribution networks
  • Designing and building pumping stations and elevated tanks

Our Services

  • Extraction structures
  • Well shoring
  • Treatment plants
  • Distribution networks
  • Installation of pumping stations and elevated tanks

Your Benefits

  • Many years of experience at home and abroad
  • Experience with workshop planning for system builders
  • No outsourcing: all disciplines are available in the company, including hydro-geology and soil assessments
  • Availability of expert support
  • Planning security and risk mitigation
  • Legal and cost security
  • Regional networking
  • Services from preliminary evaluation to commissioning
  • Interdisciplinary services from a single source

Wastewater Management

Identify. Reduce. Safeguard.

Cleaning and disposal of industrial wastewater is particularly complicated and costly. Systematic analysis and evaluation of the water and wastewater-related parameters on site can greatly reduce costs. Aspects of wastewater management are the type of water supply, the average consumption of water and the contents of the wastewater. We reduce the production costs. For us, environmental protection means reducing water consumption and reusing waste products. Waste products are sand, screenings and valuable materials, such as sewage sludge, which contribute to energy extraction.


  • Identifying types of wastewater
  • Checking the wastewater supply and water consumption
  • Checking wastewater accrual and waste sites
  • Efficiently organising sewage treatment of wastewater
  • Creating concepts with the involvement of all stakeholders

Our Services

  • Identifying types of wastewater
  • Checking the wastewater supply and water consumption
  • Checking wastewater accrual and waste sites
  • Organising sewage treatment of wastewater
  • Producing concepts for all involved

Your Benefits

  • Transparency in the types of wastewater supply, sanitation, and water consumption
  • Overview of wastewater accrual and waste sites
  • Efficient organization of any effluent wastewater treatment
  • Expert support
  • Planning security and risk mitigation
  • Legal and cost security
  • Many years of experience and current knowledge
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from a single source

Urban and Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Plan. Optimise. Modernise.

Environmental influences increasingly jeopardize vital drinking water supplies, rivers and lakes. Industrial effluents are often polluted and require treatment. Our wastewater treatment focuses on the multiple use of wastewater and water pollution control. With innovative treatment processes, we achieve a resource-saving reuse for municipal and industrial purposes.


  • Treating municipal wastewater
  • Treating industrial wastewater
  • Modernising wastewater treatment plants
  • Optimising operation of wastewater treatment plants
  • Utilisation of digester gas

Our Services

  • Advice, assessment, studies, clarification of legal boundary conditions, evaluation of fundamentals and preplanning
  • Design, approval and implementation planning
  • Water rights applications
  • Quantity surveying, tender documentation, preparation and participation in the allocation
  • Construction supervision, construction management and project management
  • Safety and health coordination
  • Commissioning
  • Operation optimisation

Your Benefits

  • Long experience in cooperation with the approval authorities
  • Competence for co-ordination and integration of professional and non-professional participants, for example, builders, owners, citizens
  • Expert support
  • Planning security and risk mitigation
  • Legal and cost security
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from a single source from planning to optimisation of operations

Geothermal Energy

Explore. Implement. Secure.

The heat content and heat storage capacity of the subsoil can be used with technical equipment for the production of energy. The equipment ranges from near-surface structure segments to boreholes reaching several thousand metres in depth. The technology harbours risks. Improper installation of geothermal probes, for example, can cause damage. Our competence and experience ensures risk assessment, risk reduction, quality assurance of the technical implementation and the remediation of damaged equipment. We help you to choose correctly.


  • Performing feasibility studies with geological site search and examination of the legal requirements
  • Checking cost-effectiveness with a presentation comparing advantages over conventional systems
  • Performing long-distance heating and pipeline network calculations
  • Exploring damage
  • Planning rejuvenation
  • Repairing damage

Our Services

  • Site assessment and advice on the potential usability of near-surface or deep geothermal energy and checking of approval/legal conditions
  • Detailed exploration, combined with building site and foundation assessments to test the use of concrete parts in contact with the earth as heat exchangers, for example
  • Hydro-geological assessments of the suitability of the “groundwater” as a heat source
  • Resource and risk assessment
  • Planning and design of the geothermal energy plant
  • Approval procedures with geological reports
  • System planning and tendering
  • Expert quality assurance in the construction of geothermal probes, for example, according to the LQS EWS Baden-Württemberg
  • Construction site management and documentation
  • Investigation and repairing of damage through EWS: this means geological and hydro-geological detailed exploration of the structure of groundwater levels, to a potential hydraulic short-circuiting of different groundwater levels
  • Repairing planning considering hydro-geological, technical and economic aspects
  • Thermal response testing to determine the thermal conductivity of the substrate

Your Benefits

  • Cost minimisation and protection against rising energy costs
  • Long-term safe, eco-friendly energy supply with reduced CO2 emissions
  • Increase in the value of real estate
  • Planning security based on secure decisions and calculations
  • Professional and knowledgeable construction supervision by experienced geologists and hydrogeologists
  • Cost savings through the avoidance of damage events
  • Availability of experienced hydro-geologists with overview even of complex interactions, such as neighbouring plants or existing contaminated sites
  • Efficient repair of damage through our interdisciplinary network of experts

Fermentation Power Plants

Plan. Utilise. Construct.

Biogas, in addition to the renewable energy sources solar and wind, is an important energy source. We use many raw materials: digester gas from sewage treatment plants, organic waste and renewable raw materials. Regionally available resources and energetically recyclable waste materials can be produced in an environmentally friendly way. What is special about biogas? It is natural energy obtained from organic material and delivers CO2-neutral heating, cooling, electricity and gas.


  • Utilising renewable raw materials
  • Implementation of receipt of mobile silos, receipt of substrate, substrate storage, fermenters, separators, fermentation residue separation, fermentation residue drying, fermentation residue storage and a central repository
  • Planning and constructing a bio-gas processing plant for injection into the natural gas grid
  • Planning and building a co-generation unit for biogas utilisation

Our Services

  • Project development services
  • Reporting
  • Planning
  • Tendering
  • Site management
  • Local construction supervision
  • Documentation preparation
  • Commissioning
  • Operations optimisation

Your Benefits

  • Provider independent and environmentally friendly energy generation
  • Sensible use of wastewater and waste content
  • Protection against rising energy costs
  • Availability of expert support
  • Many years of experience and local knowledge
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from a single source
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