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Environmental Information Systems

Collect. Develop. Implement.

Environmental information systems are GIS and database systems for the recording and analysis of environmental data. With environmental monitoring, the continuous collection of large amounts of data is particularly important. Much of this data will be related to geographical information. Environmental information systems consistently collect data and make new analyses possible. Increase your efficiency with our environmental systems. We’ll help you gain new insights.


  • Data collection and visualisation
  • Structuring and recording complex data in a database
  • Creation of database applications for the evaluation of data

Our Services

  • Fast and comprehensive compilation of essential details
  • Documentation of the historical development of the site, for example, through aerial photos
  • Documentation of the high expenditure in environmental protection
  • Short-notice availability of data required by authorities
  • Continuous data updates by incorporating current information

Your Benefits

  • Essential details are made available quickly and comprehensively
  • Historic site development is documented, for example, by aerial photographs
  • Expenditure on environmental protection is quickly demonstrable
  • Data requested by authorities is available at short notice
  • Incorporation of current information ensures continuous data updates

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