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Water Resources Development Planning

Create. Protect. Comply.

Inland water bodies have many functions in our cultural landscapes. They are used as waterways, hold back heavy precipitation and flood water, prevent retention or are used for leisure and recreation. In addition, they are habitats for our diverse flora and fauna. Maintenance carried out on and in the water can ensure that the water bodies can fulfil their functions. We undertake these tasks on your behalf.


  • Creating legal certainty and administrative security
  • Ensuring technical quality
  • Fulfilling biological obligations

Our Services

  • Detecting deficiencies and their causes
  • Taking measures for the elimination of deficiencies
  • Development of the bed and bank structure
  • Planning of the surrounding environment
  • Cross-linking the water bodies with flood plains and existing bodies of water
  • Adopting measures to improve the water-body structure

Your Benefits

  • Ensuring the functions of bodies of water and their surroundings
  • Certainty of meeting deadlines, planning and cost safety
  • Offering expert support
  • Many years of experience and local expertise
  • Regional networking
  • Interdisciplinary services from a single source

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