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Environmental Reporting

Environmental Reporting

In the process of construction site management planning, environmental reports describe and evaluate the results of environmental assessments carried out during the plan development. Initially, the environmental protection goals related to the planning are listed. On this basis, we determine the likely environmental effects of land use and development planning. The planning of an alternative test and the development of measures to prevent, reduce or compensate for adverse effects ensues. The result of the environmental report is taken into account when weighing competing interests. Environmental reports of companies and institutions describe objectives, measures and results. In this, environmental protection is a part of information policy and marketing. In our environmental reports, we explain the corporate environmental policy, describe the established environmental guidelines and designate the target performance level and also the implementation timeframe.


  • Set examination program for study space and depth
  • Write reports to statutory requirements
  • Involve the public and government authorities

Our Services

  • Recording and evaluating relevant protective goods, such as human beings, flora, fauna and habitats, soil, water, climate and air, landscape and recreation, cultural and material goods
  • Determining possible effects of the projects, conflict analysis with respect to protective goods
  • Conceptualising measures to avoid, reduce and offset adverse effects on protective goods
  • Discussing options and identification of sustainable solutions
  • Compiling the basis of considerations and preparing the due consideration processes

Your Benefits

  • Legal security
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Integration of the public
  • Transparency in planning and decision-making processes
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